• 82C55 IC Programmable Peripheral Interface IC

    8255-82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface IC

    The 8255A is a general purpose programmable I/O device designed to transfer the data from I/O to interrupt I/O under certain conditions as required. It can be used with almost any microprocessor.

    82C55 is a very old and obsolete 40 pin DIP IC. If you require in bulk please give us a call or e-mail us your requirement and we will try to procure it for you.

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  • Atmega 328 IC

    The high-performance Microchip 8-bit AVR RISC-based microcontroller combines 32KB ISP flash memory with read-while-write capabilities, 1KB EEPROM, 2KB SRAM, 23 general purpose I/O lines, 32 general purpose working registers, three flexible timer/counters with compare modes, internal and external interrupts,serial programmable USART, a byte-oriented 2-wire serial interface, SPI serial port, 6-channel 10-bit A/D converter (8-channels in TQFP and QFN/MLF packages), programmable watchdog timer with internal oscillator, and five software selectable power saving modes. The device operates between 1.8-5.5 volts.

    By executing powerful instructions in a single clock cycle, the device achieves throughputs approaching 1 MIPS per MHz, balancing power consumption and processing speed.


    Atmega 328 IC

  • CD4511 7-Segment Driver IC -1Pc


    • Lamping test and blanking capability.
    • Low logic circuit power dissipation.
    • Input latches for BCD code storage.
    • Balanced propagation delays and transition time.
    • High output sourcing capability.
    • Lamp intensity modulation capability.
    • Rigid structure.
  • CP2102 USB to TTL USB UART Module Serial Converter

    • Stable and reliable chipset CP2102 USB specification 2.0 compliant with full-speed 12 Mbps
    • Standard USB type A male and TTL 5pin
    • Supports windows vista or xp or server 2003/200, Mac OS-X/OS-9, Linux
    • Temperature Range: -40 to +85 degree Celsius
  • HT12D + HT 12E IC – Both 1 Pc

    • Ht12e and ht12d both included
    • Ic base 18 pin
    • Easy 4 bit encoder decoder for rf 434mhz
  • HT12D IC – Decoder IC -1Pc

    Application : 2^12 Series of Decoders

    Encapsulation : DIP

  • HT12E IC – Encoder IC

    Application : 2^12 Series of Encoders

    Encapsulation : DIP


    * Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.


    HT12E IC – Encoder IC

  • L293D DIP Push-Pull Four-Channel Motor Driver IC -1Pc

    • Wide Supply-Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 36 V
    • Separate Input-Logic Supply
    • Output Current 1 A Per Channel (600 mA for L293D)
    • Peak Output Current 2 A Per Channel (1.2 A for 293D)
    • Package Include 2 x L293D IC
  • LCM 40 LED Driver With PWM

    LCM Series LED Power Supplies

    MEAN WELL LCM-xx LED Power Supplies are 25-60W multiple-stage output current LED Power Supplies.  These new power supplies provide flexible power solutions for project style lighting designs. These units will fulfill the increasing demands of intelligent digital dimming application The DA version has a built-in DALI interface and push dimming function

    Product description

    • LCM-_: built-in dimming function (external voltage 1…10V DC, PWM)
    • Overload protection, current limiting, auto recovery
    • Protections: short circuit/over load/over voltage
    • Built-in active PFC function
    • Insulation Class II
    • For indoor installations
    • Suitable for LED lighting and moving sign applications
    • Constant current 350/500/600/700/900/1050mA selectable by DIP switch
    • Built-in auxiliary power 12V/50mA
    • Temperature compensation function by external NTC
    • EN61000-3-2, Class C, EN55015, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, EN61547 Criteria A

    Technical Specifications

    Input Voltage: 180…295V AC/254…417V DC 47…63Hz
    Input Inrush Current, Max.: 20A
    Over Current Protection
    LCM-40_: 110…130V
    Withstand Voltage (I/P-O/P): 3750V AC
    Operating Temperature: -30…+60°C
    Weight: 240g


    LCM 40 LED Driver With PWM

  • Max232 IC -1 Pc

    • New and imported
      • BUY IN ORIGINAL FROM Iotronics Innovations STORE ONLY
      • High Quality
      • Used for RS-232 to TTL Logic Conversions and vice versa



    Max232 IC -1 Pc

  • Max7219 Ic – 1pc

    When you need some help driving a lot of LEDs, the MAX7219 is the best friend you could hope for. Many of us know that if you want to control a lot of LEDs, you’ll want to use multiplexing, a technique that lets you control 64 LEDs (say) with only 16 pins (8×8). The annoying thing about ‘plexing is that you need to use 8 power transistors (or a power register/latch, that can supply over 100mA per pin) AND you have to constantly refresh the display to keep the image stable. If you need to get something together quickly, or don’t want to bother with writing all that code, and especially if you want clean wiring, this chip is the one-stop-solution!

    The MAX7219 does all the control and refresh work for you in driving either an 8×8 matrix display or 8 x 7-segment displays (usually these also have a dot so its really an 8-segment display) – 64 LEDs total. All you have to do is send it serial commands via the 4-pin SPI interface and it will auto-magically take care of the rest. Wiring is simplified as well, you only need to set the current level for all LEDs with a single resistor instead of 8 and you can also dim the entire display digitally. It’s a thru-hole chip so you can use it in any breadboard, perfboard or other project, although if you’re soldering it in, we suggest using a socket.


    Max7219 Ic – 1pc

  • ULN2803A Hi-Voltage/Current Darlington Transistor Array[Original] – 1 pc


    • TTL, DTL, PMOS, or CMOS-Compatible Inputs
    • Output Current to 500 mA
    • Output Voltage to 50 V
    • Plastic Package Case – 707

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