• 25 watt Soldering Iron Bit Set-1pc

    • Nickel Plated Spade 3 mm Bit For 25 Watts Soldering Iron – 2 pcs
    • For 25 Watts Soldering Iron
  • 35watt Soldering Iron Bit Set-1pc

    • Nickel Plated Spade 3 mm Bit For 35 Watts Soldering Iron – 2 pcs
    • For 25 Watts Soldering Iron
  • 60 watt Soldering Iron Bit Set-1pc

    60 watt Soldering Iron Bit ,nickel plated best quality

  • 8 Watt Soldering Iron Bit

    • Soldering Iron Tip
    • Tip / Nozzle Style:  Round
    • Power Rating:  Suitable for D03172 mini 8 Watt Soldering Station
    • Tip Nozzle Width:  3.0mm

    8 Watt Soldering Iron Bit

  • Bharti Solder Wire (50 Gms)

    Bharti Flux Cored Solder Wire (50 gms)

    Solder is a fusible metal alloy used to join together metal workpieces and having a melting point below that of the workpiece(s). Soft solder is typically thought of when solder or soldering is mentioned, with a typical melting range of 90 to 450 °C . It is commonly used in electronics, plumbing, and assembly of sheet metal parts. Manual soldering uses a soldering iron or soldering gun. Alloys that melt between 180 and 190 °C (360 and 370 °F) are the most commonly used. Soldering performed using alloys with a melting point above 450 °C (840 °F) is called brazing.

    solder are used at that places where robotic parts does not experiece high forces or pressure change.

    types of Solder
    Lead solder:
    Tin/led solders, also called soft solders, are commercially available with tin concentrations between 5% and 70% by weight. The greater the tin concentration, the greater the solder’s tensile and shear strength. Alloys commonly used for electrical soldering are 60/40 Tin/lead (Sn/Pb) which melts at 370 °F or 188 °C and 63/37 Sn/Pb used principally in electrical/electronic work. The 63/37 is a eutectic alloy.
    Lead-free solder:
    Lead-free solders in commercial use may contain tin, copper, silver, bismuth,indium, zinc, antimony, and traces of other metals. Most lead-free replacements for conventional Sn60/Pb40 and Sn63/Pb37 solder have melting points from 5 to 20 °C higher though solders with much lower melting points are available.
    Flux-core solder:
    Flux is a reducing agent designed to help reduce (return oxidized metals to their metallic state) metal oxides at the points of contact to improve the electrical connection and mechanical strength. The two principal types of flux are acid flux, used for metal mending and plumbing, and rosin flux, used in electronics, where the corrosiveness of acid flux and vapors released when solder is heated would risk damaging delicate circuitry.
    Hard solder:
    Hard solders are used for brazing, and melt at higher temperatures. Alloys of copper with either zinc or silver are the most common.

    Feature of soldering wire:
    Halide-free solder wire, and suitable for repair operation
    2.Used in tin-lead process
    3.Fast melting,good wetting and expansibility.
    4.No break for the core,no splash and no odour.
    5.Good solderability and soldering joints with high brightness and strength
    6.Good mechanical performance
    7.Widely used in electronics,lighting,communication,radio,computer,instruments and other field
    8.Residue is easy to remove by hot air after soldering work if necessary
    9.Available in many alloy composition,other alloy composition are also available


    Bharti Solder Wire (50 Gms)

  • Desoldering Pump, Solder Sucker – Desoldering Vacuum Pump Solder Remover

    • One-handed solder sucker with powerful suction whether you are right or left-handed, you can using the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready, the desoldering pump designed with double ring double open and “vacuum” button, which make the sucking power awesome
    • Abs body with non-slip sponge and nylon nozzle desoldering pump the body of the desoldering vacuum pump is made of high quality abs, which make the solder sucker delicate and durable, also the covered sponge can absorb sweat and heat, make it comfortable to hold, the nylon nozzle of the solder suck can endure high temperature, thus it can be used for a long time
    • Widely used solder remover the desoldering wick and desoldering pump can be used to correct mistakes with small boards on pcbs, remove relays and other components from printed circuit boards, re-solder mechanical keyboard switches, unsoldering old wire from devices, desoldering computer parts such as a motherboard, clean alloy on smd components and more
    • The body is made of high-strength, durable aluminium push-button design makes solder removal quick and easy tested item
  • Glue Gun with 2-free Glue Sticks (60 Watt)

    • Size: 11 mm diameter
    • Comes with 2 Glue Sticks
    • Design: Gun
  • Glue Stick-5Pcs

    • Made in taiwan glue sticks
    • Glue stick that is compatible with almost all standard glue gun. Even stanley glue gun
    • Stick size: 228mm x 11mm or 9x 0.43inch . Standard diameter for use in standard size glue guns
    • Applications – gluing plastic, metal, wood, fabric, ceramics, and cartons.multi-temperature and multi-purpose
    • For use in glue guns | excellent for bonding heat-sensitive materials, as well as general applications. |

    Glue Stick-5Pcs

  • PCB Hand Drill

    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Inclusive of: set of 5
    • Key features: hand drill, power drill, brass drill, drill machine, pcb drill, drills

    PCB Hand Drill

  • Soldering Iron 25 Watt

    25w high-quality soldering iron

    • Soldering iron comes with and extra pointed bit

    Soldering Iron 25 Watt

  • Soldering Iron Adjustable Bit – 60W

    Professional soldering tool is great for lead-less soldering semiconductors. It is no need soldering station,just plug and play,also it with soft grip and non-slip handle. long lasting ceramic type heater. Adjustable Bit controlled soldering irons: 200-450c. Ideal for hobbies, kits, radios, laptop,computer and electronics work. We use iron plated tip and stainless steel construction


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