Honor 5 X Antiblue UV Tempered Glass || Honor 5 X Tempered Glass

Antiblue UV tempered glass

Designed For
  • Honor 5 X Antiblue UV Tempered Glass
  • Antiblue Screen Guard & 9H Hardness
Sales Package
  • Tempered Glass, Dry-wipe, Wet Wipe
Applied on
  • Front Part of Mobile Phone

120.00 499.00

Honor 5 X Antiblue UV Tempered Glass|| Honor 5 X Tempered glass with a camera cut out


  • Anti Glare, Scratch Resistant, Washable, Anti Fingerprint, Air-bubble Proof, Anti Reflection 
  • Design for your Eyes’ Health! Anti-Blue Light Filter Tempered Glass Screen Protector prevents your Eye Retina from eye fatigue caused by Blue Ray from cellphone screen. Assist you to have a better sleep since it could soften the screen’s light and comfort your eyes.
  • FULL GLUE and NO DOTS, BUBBLES & No RAINBOW EFFECT – It has full glue on the entire screen which leaves no dots, no rainbow effect, and no bubbles post-application of the tempered glass. The tempered glass has strong UV silicon adhesive on the full screen.
  • PERFECT FIT -It covers the full screen of your mobile and provides much better protection.
  • 100% PROTECTION – It protects your phone from high-impact drops, keys in your pockets, metal objects in your bags, and another day-to-day scratch.

Tempered Glass Screen protector

Protect your Smartphone glass with this tempered glass screen protector. It will keep it safe from these unexpected falls and annoying scratches. The “tempered glass” protectors have better resistance than the conventional ones. So, in the case of hits, it will be able to take up all of the impacts.


  • Compatibility: Honor 5 X
  • Type: Antiblue Screen Guard
  • Level of scratch resistance: High
  • Level of shock resistance: High

Our Quality 

High-quality Unbreakable and flexible screen protector. It is thinner and stronger than normal tempered. Fully transparent with no impact on the visual display. Latest technology in phone screen protectors.

Impossible glass screen protection. This is not tempered glass. Rather this is an improved glass sheet that is unbreakable and thinner than tempered glass. Scratch Proof and give 100% protection to your screen. Don’t go by the thickness of this product. The Best yet Affordable Tempered Glass for your mobile phone is here.

Why Choose Iotronics products?

We at Iotronics think to serve the best quality of product at the Best Price as we believe the customer is the king and we offer the latest products. This customer-centric approach has made us the top brand when it comes to mobile accessories. We have created a system that strives to ship most orders almost the same day or within 24-48 hrs through expedited shipping for free using only reputed shipping partners. Now stop everything that you are doing, place your order, and thank us later.

Tempered glass is stronger, so it resists breakage. But when it does break, tempered glass disperses into blunt, pebble-like pieces, rather than the sharp shards of traditional glass.

Most of these are 2.5D hardened and you won’t have to worry about your display meeting your keys or coins in your pocket. Tempered glass can also resist scratches from pointed sharp objects and can even absorb shock when you occasionally drop your phone, thus protecting your display. With more severe falls, tempered glass will shatter into small pieces but your display will remain intact.

Besides these advantages, Tempered glass is quite safe as it fractures when pressure is applied to it. Before buying one, make sure that it comes with an Olephobic coating, 2.5D 9-10 H hardness, and silicon adhesive at the back so that it doesn’t affect touch sensitivity.

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Inside Box

  • 80 Honor 5 X Antiblue UV  Tempered Glass
  • 1 Dry and 1 wet cleaner pouch


  • Return or refund is applicable only when you receive a damaged product or a different product not fitting your model.
  • This Tempered Glass is made of 100% Flexible Material (Not Glass) With Nano Technology.IF you have ordered for Curved Phone then you will receive the Buff Guard.
Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm
  • This Tempered Glass has very high transparency. The ultra-clear tempered glass would bring you an HD visual experience.
  • Japan quality AB glue. Very easy to apply, bubbles are excluded automatically.
  • Dustproof. Small dust can be completely covered.
  • Antiblue UV Protection Tempered Glass is Bubble-free, washable, and Reusable, re-applicable.
  • High-quality Raw material: Japan glass.
  • 4 hours tempered time to reach 9H.
  • Anti-scratch, no scratches with keys, knife, or other sharp objects.
  • Strong Japanese oleophobic coating and hydrophobic treatment. Anti-fingerprint.
  • A shatterproof Screen protector could protect the screen from damage.
  • 2.5D edge would not hurt your fingers.


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